22 May 2015

That secretive, tyrannical George W...

...wait a minute...

The two Democrats even praised President George W. Bush, who released his free trade text in 2001. Today, President Obama, who promised to have the most transparent administration in history, is not releasing his deal.

“We’re just asking for some transparency before we have this crucial vote,” said Warren.
I guess they can hope he changes.


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...not what I do...
"For the second consecutive year, the Obama administration more often than ever censored government files or outright denied access to them under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act."

LAST WORD: Nothing up my sleeve...
Once again, the Obama administration has stealthily released its spring regulatory agenda, which includes the costliest regulation in history, as millions of Americans hit the road to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Obama’s Spring 2015 Unified Agenda and Regulatory Plan has more than 2,300 regulations in various stages of planning and lays out the administration’s regulatory plans for the coming months.

The White House released its Fall 2014 Unified Agenda the day before Thanksgiving, and Obama’s Spring 2014 agenda was released the Friday before Memorial Day weekend — both days involve millions of people travelling across the country and paying little attention to political news.
Gotta be a coincidence, right?

Wake up and smell the autocracy.

21 May 2015

Speaking of meat and other balls

In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%.

If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%.

The latest statistical survey of immigrant criminality compared to that of Swedes was done in 2005. The results are practically never mentioned. Not only that; anyone who dares refer to them, for example on social media, is viciously attacked.

15 May 2015

You don't need a Weatherman...

...or a Royal Commission...

11-year-old Robinson was last seen leaving a birthday party on May 5, six days before she was reported missing to the RCMP.
Here's what I know. If my preteen son had disappeared for six hours... never mind six freakin' days... the local cops would've had to taser me to stay outta their faces.

Too many protesters... not enough parenting.



Aboriginal child mortality... that sounds so familiar.

07 May 2015

It was his to lose...

...and he did...

Jim Prentice said in an interview that when it came to the fiscal mess in which the province found itself, Albertans needed to “look in the mirror.” Those four simple words infuriated a public that felt Mr. Prentice was blaming them for a problem created by a succession of PC governments.
The financial landscape changes as people dump oil stocks... for what... medical marijuana?

06 May 2015

Yeah, Alex, I'll take...

..."stuff you only say at the Playboy Mansion... for one hundred dollars."the nice rack chronicles

As evidence of the systemic discrimination, the decision references remarks from Millbrook First Nation administrator Alex Cope. The decision says that Cope told Tabor on two separate occasions that “the only place for women’s breasts on a boat was on the bow as a figurehead.”
That utopian Matriarchal society the media is constantly glorifying... apparently it doesn't really exist.

Your moral & intellectual superiors

Perhaps the Globe & Mail's travel writer should expand her horizons by perusing the "NOW" classifieds.

Never mind bare breasts in Croatia, I'm betting homegrown "She-male Amy" could get her motor running.

eeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwToronto... labile, degenerate and grimy. Just remember to double-glove and exchange your needles and you'll be fine.


05 May 2015

Darwin was right...

...stupid does have consequences...

She has knocked on the door of a trailer where, she said, “multiple family members live and the daughters all prostitute themselves out and everyone is doing drugs.”
Don't you worry though, I'm sure somebody is manufacturing special multi-coloured ribbons, imagineering walkathons and uber-tweeting to "raise awareness."

04 May 2015

Reading the fine green print

If you live in Ontario and have voted Liberal, you've forfeited the right to complain about your outrageous electricity bills...

Ontario generates just 0.5 per cent of global carbon emissions. Even a giant 20-per-cent reduction would knock just a tenth of 1 per cent off global emissions. A minuscule gain for the globe, at a potentially enormous cost to the people of Ontario, and all Canadians.
But it's all worth it, right?

26 April 2015

Fergu-stunned, yet again

There have been 63 homicides in Baltimore in 2015. Three of those victims have been identified as Caucasian. Fifty six were identified as Black and forty seven of those died by gunshot. There were four bodies that could not (presumably from decomposition) be identified.

To put this in context, that's a murder every other day. Strangely, no one thought to get their riot on until one man died a week after allegedly suffering a spinal injury in police custody. Maybe it's because Freddie Gray, despite an extensive criminal record, was a "well liked jokester."

I guess it's true... everybody loves a comedian.


UPDATE: If it bleeds... it ledes

Don't have a brutal police homicide? No problem, just create one...once upon a timeProfessional journalists... your moral and intellectual superiors.



"They were told to stand down, you will not take any action, let them destroy property. I couldn’t believe it, I’m a 31-year veteran of law enforcement. … I had never heard anything like this before in my life."
The Washington Post is now reporting another prisoner in the paddy wagon witnessed Freddie Gray injuring himself during transport.

23 April 2015

Paging Justin Trudeau

Maybe the road to hell is actually paved with greed, narcissism and a hankering for young ladies...

The Clintons’ charitable initiatives were a kind of quasi-government run by themselves, which was staffed by their own loyalists and made up the rules as it went along.
I guess it's all too easy to believe all the nonsense your disciples are tossing around.

20 April 2015

I did not have financial relations...

...with that Oligarch...

Brown’s decision not to side with Clinton on the issue may stem from the Foundation’s acceptance of money from foreign nations with severe policies against women’s rights, undermining Clinton’s position as a women’s advocate.

Even though Clinton said that she and her husband were “dead broke” when they left the White House, the couple has raked in more than $100 million since 2000.

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The author writes that “of the 13 Clinton speeches that fetched $500,000 or more, only two occurred during the years his wife was not secretary of state.”

Bill Clinton is believed to be the richest living ex-president and one of the 10 wealthiest ever.
Wasn't Justin Trudeau using the speechmaking dodge to fill his coffers? Great minds think alike, I suppose.