17 March 2018

Ambushed... backshot...

...that sounds so familiar...

"A man, 26, was shot to death on Friday night on a street in the Scarlettwood Court housing complex in Toronto's west end. Both suspects are described as black men with thin builds."

UPDATE: Victim is 26-year-old Nnamdi Ogba


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"It isn't us, it's the media. The media has distorted our image to make us look bad ... Please ... When I go to the money machine at night, I'm not looking over my shoulder for the media. I'm looking for *******." -- from 'Rock This!' by Chris Rock

LAST WORD: Secrets... they can kill you...
Kareema would soon learn from police, she wrote in court documents, that her husband was "living a double-life and having numerous extra-marital affairs with men unbeknownst to me."

And that's a death sentence...

...for you and you and you...

The managing director of the Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society, which advocates for people with disabilities, calls the case “profoundly disturbing.”

“I think it reflects concerns that a number of ethicists and legal experts across the country have been expressing about the lack of safeguards in the system. This is the problem: medical assistance in dying is come to be seen as another health care intervention when that was never the vision for this.”
Of course, not everybody agrees... I mean, just ask a Justice Minister...
In a statement to CTV News, federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said the assisted dying legislation “protects our most vulnerable, while also providing for safe and consistent access to medical assistance in dying for Canadians across Canada.”

“We intend to defend the legislation, which is a fair and reasonable law that respects Charter rights.”

16 March 2018

Your New York Times... Curing the World...

...one life-changing issue at a time...

Oh, look... here's a story the Times apparently missed...

"City with Highest Per Capita Murder Rate Starts Defense Fund for Illegal Aliens"

A couple of years at...

..."Re-education Camp" and he'll be good as new...commie campI'm so old, I remember when we had free speech...

It is unwise to ask difficult questions, comrade.

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toronto's most wantedBulldoze Flemingdon Park...
"A 15-year-old boy is in hospital after being shot multiple times in an underground parking garage on Rochefort Drive, near Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue, shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday."
Not to mention parts of the city's notorious "northwest" combat zone...
"Det. Sgt. Mike Carbone says the shooting took place on Saturday in a crowded townhouse complex in the city's northwest end. He alleges a man entered the complex, explored for several minutes, and shot 31-year-old Dwayne Vidal in the back as he walked from a parking lot to his home."
Maybe clean up "Steel City" while we're at it...
Two men wanted in connection to a shooting in Hamilton earlier this month have been arrested in Toronto.

Donovan Hines, 19, and Akua Page, 18, are facing several charges after they were tracked down by Toronto police.

The sad truth is... 33 years late...

...still beats Justin Trudeau to the punch...big bang

OTTAWA – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh declared Thursday that he accepts the findings of the Canadian inquiry into the Air India bombing and condemns all that were behind the horror that killed more than 300 people off the coast of Scotland in 1985.
Wait a minute... is Jaggi just covering his meat?insert alt text hereFunny how Global News only got half the story.


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Canada... where you can murder 300 people, perjure yourself to free your co-accused... and still not get a life sentence.

15 March 2018

A very special invisible friend


During his hypothetical account of what happened that night, Simpson claims he and Charlie confronted Nicole and Goldman. After Goldman allegedly became aggressive, Charlie followed him into the house.

“At that time, I think Charlie had followed this guy in, to make sure there was no problem, and he brought in the knife,” Simpson said.

“I took the knife from Charlie, and to be honest, after that, I don’t remember, except I’m standing there and there’s all kinda stuff around. Blood and stuff.

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No wonder they can't ever...

...win a war...

French authorities have fined a bread baker €3,000 ($3,700) for keeping his bakery open seven days a week, when the laws stipulate a mandatory day off.

C├ędric Vaivre, who plies his trade as a baker in the small town of Lusigny-sur-Barse in north-central France, was found to have kept his bakery open every day during the summer of 2017 and now must pay a substantial penalty for having been overly industrious.

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The Justice Department under Barack Obama directed the FBI to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testified Wednesday.

Next up... scary escalator challenge

The further trials and tribulations of... Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit...insert alt text here**********


"She's only there to re-build the temple of Doom. A few more blood sacrifices and she'll be back on top again."

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[Clinton’s remarks] articulate what is becoming the central myth of the liberal elite: We are beautiful and successful because we’re morally superior

LAST WORD: Stairs, bathtub... what's next?

14 March 2018

OTOH, I'm sure Justin's gonna set up...

...a Burglars Insurance Fund...JUST DESSERTS

"A 20-year-old man has been cleared of murdering a trespasser in his home by stabbing him with half a garden shears. It was the first murder case defended under the Defence and the Dwelling Act, a law that gave latitude to homeowners protecting their property."
♫ "Gypsies, tramps and thieves..." ♫


Barrington Macpherson was the innocent victim of a drive by shooting in January 2017 and this past weekend, one of their neighbours was shot to death, just a few hundred metres from their back door of their home near Kipling and Finch Ave.

We’re not in a third world country. To be living like this, we’re at siege, we can’t go outside.”
You're wrong, Barrington... parts of Toronto are exactly that.most wanted**********

LAST WORD: She thought they had come to her rescue.

Stephen William Hawking, 1942 - 2018

“I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

Ephemera no more

"Researchers at Yale are working to solve this problem by creating a kind of digital Rosetta Stone, a universal translator, through an emulation infrastructure that will live online."

13 March 2018

Fighting fire with, uh...

...sweet baby jebus...insert alt text here

"A long-time Toronto psychiatrist, Dr. Melvyn Iscove, who believes homosexuality is a “sexual disorder” that can be "overcome"... engaged in mutual masturbation and oral sex with two male patients on different occasions during therapy sessions, and once had anal intercourse with one of them in his office."
Overcome, huh? At least the Doc used plenty of snake oil.


"Maybe he got sucked into it."

12 March 2018

A real timesaver...

...pull it out, dust it off... hit enter...sadCall it "white privilege", but most of the guys I know wanna die of a surfeit of cognac, female company and fine cigars.

Police say 31-year-old Dwayne Anthony Vidal was shot in the area of Mount Olive Drive and Kipling Avenue shortly before 6 p.m. on Saturday.
FWIW, Toronto’s 11th murder of 2018.


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Dannta Holmes, 39, killed Saturday in West Baltimore’s Penrose neighborhood was driving in a funeral procession when he was shot in his car, Baltimore police confirmed Monday. Baltimore police also identified on Monday two other men killed a day apart in the same neighborhood late last week.

The 342 homicides in 2017 marked a per-capita record in Baltimore.


♫ "Blinded by the light
Revved up like a deuce
Another runner...
in the night" ♫
fun, fun, fun

“Don’t do this. Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one."

"Unless you like fun.
Or perhaps, you're a fan of the more classical iteration...
"a bag of insane flaming onslaught"...not a flamethrower
"Rest assured, there were only two reactions possible, and they were either A) excited gibberish, or B) stunned, open-mouthed silence."

You think, maybe... you'd want to...

...save a little something for "date night"...good grief

It opens on Narcissister — nude, save a black garter belt, stockings and heels. Splotches of white paint mark her body; red pigtails and a signature Barbie doll mask obscure her face. As she fights her way through the birth canal, a chorus of angelic voices crescendos to the heavens. Then, she exits the vast vagina and plops onto the stage.
Oh, it gets better... by which I mean worse...
For the final transformation she is completely nude, and proceeds to remove grey braids and a wrinkled mask from her merkin-covered vagina — pulling objects out of bodily orifices is a common theme in her work — placing them on her person.
Sweet baby jebus... they just let this wo-person walk the streets?yikersWell... funny you should ask...
Recently Narcissister invited roughly thirty women—friends of friends—to don her signature mask and exercise their right to roam the streets of New York with bare breasts.
I'm thinkin' there's a "Weird Al" song in here, somewhere.


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...hands-on guy.

11 March 2018

More Rainbows & Unicorn farts

♫ "Let's go up to the lab...
and see what's on the slab
" ♫
junkie haven

"Decriminalizing harder drugs is not a step that Canada is looking at taking at this point," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a town hall meeting in Edmonton last month.
Yeah... tell that to Vancouver...
With overdose deaths once again on the rise in Vancouver, the city is calling on the federal government to immediately decriminalize the personal possession of ALL drugs.
Because, you know... making the acquisition and possession of drugs less onerous will result in an immediate drop in consumption.


COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Keep your city...

... out of our country...insert alt text here
"A man in rural Alberta who was charged by police after shots were fired during a confrontation on his property was met with applause from about 150 supporters after he made a court appearance Friday."
It's starting, folks.

Dave's really not here, man

"Wash away my troubles...
wash away my pain...
With the rain in Shambala
Wash away my sorrow...
wash away my shame...
With the rain in Shambala
What to do with that Masters Degree...
in LGBTQWERTY studies
.sunny daze**********

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Catherine McKenna, the 47-year-old Trudeau appointee from Canada’s Liberal Party, called on followers to “consider the gendered impacts of climate change on women, girls and children.”
Say what?

10 March 2018

Magic is all about misdirection

Some guy, somewhere, got shot... details at, well... never...propaganda**********

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...it's just another "succumbing"...

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, at 5:44 p.m., officers responded to a call for a shooting in the 19 Mount Olive Drive area and discovered a man with apparent gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to hospital and later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced.

LAST WORD: If only the Toronto Star...

...was similarly enthusiatic about publishing names, descriptions and photos of Toronto's ubiquitous urban firearms enthusiasts.

You know... like these guys...most wanted

09 March 2018

I blame the...

..."National Penis Association"...penisvilleThere's simply no way to tell how many commercial air travellers have been permanently traumatised.


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"Ross said the TTC is taking a long, hard look at the incident..."
insert here

08 March 2018

Brave New World

♫ "The world that we
used to know... people tell me
it don't turn no more
" ♫

upside down world

When a gunman started shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, two Miramar SWAT team members did what comes naturally: They went to help.

Now they’ve been suspended for it.

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"I think that in the United States the probability that gun legislation would stop the school shootings is basically zero."

Winning... Five Minutes At A Time

Part of the explanation consists of simple history and mission, PragerU was founded by Dennis Prager in 2009, long before Trump appeared on the political landscape in any meaningful way. They didn’t do any “I hate Obama, he’s the Devil” videos throughout the Obama presidency, either, so why would they do pro- or anti-Trump videos now?

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Thank heavens, the university’s Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and the Education on Queer Issues Project were quick to offer their own “chill-in” in response. “There will be colouring pages, music, food and discussion,” its statement said. “People are free to come and talk/vent, eat, colour or even just sit and do work.”

That division seems just about right: Adults in the Great Hall, precious at the colouring tables and the new freedom fighters outside.

Dating tips for a "Post-National" Canada

...#47 • A Middle-Eastern Dick Waving Contest isn't always as much fun it sounds...killers

"After 24-year-old Christina Voelzing was fatally shot on Easter Sunday 2016, Hassan Khalid dragged her body to the living room of her Bells Corners house and hid his gun. Behnam Yaali fled town, on the run for her homicide."
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
"Voelzing, at the time of her death was in her last semester at Algonquin College studying victimology, with friends saying she hoped to work with youth victims and offenders."
The irony absolutely abounds.


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"The Toronto police homicide unit is investigating after two people were found dead in a residential area in North York. Police say officers responded to a call for a medical complaint at 18 Graydon Hall Dr. on Tuesday."
A male victim is suffering from serious injuries after a stabbing took place in the city’s east end on Wednesday evening. The incident took place in the area of Secord Avenue and Dawes Road at around 5 p.m.
And finally... there's Tivon.


LAST WORD: Another Day, another Ahkbar...
A police statement said a man, 67, woman, 56, and their teenage daughter, 17, were stabbed on Praterstrasse at around 19:45. The attacker then “fled towards Praterstern” police said. In a second incident at around 20:15, a 20-year-old man was stabbed at nearby Praterstern transport hub.

A police spokesman told Associated Press that the family attacked in the earlier incident all had "heavy to life-threatening injuries".