22 October 2014

You may not support the right...

...to own firearms. That is your choice. You may not believe in God. That is also your prerogative.

Funny, though... the first thing you progressives all do when the shit hits the fan... is call 911 to summon armed guardians. The second is you pray that they get there on time.


UPDATE: Slain Hamilton Reservist Id'd

"The Ottawa shooting victim is Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist serving in Hamilton from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada regiment."

UPDATE2: Liberal Party of Canada prays...

...don't be Muslim, don't be Muslim... sonuvabitch!!!!

The man alleged to have murdered Cirillo is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

Zehaf-Bibeau was shot dead by first responders.

Now that a second Canadian soldier...

...has been murdered on Canadian soil this past week... will Justin Trudeau be stepping up his perpetual Easter Egg hunt for "root causes"?

Liberals and Dippers will no doubt be protesting, "Who could have seen this coming?"

Well, fellas... that'd be the Conservative Party of Canada.

Just last month, Public Safety minister Steven Blaney tabled his report “2014 Public Report On The Terrorist Threat To Canada” and warned “terrorism remains the leading threat to Canada’s national security.”

How prophetic those words now ring in Ottawa.

ASK A LIBERAL LEADER:halls of macadamia/Yeah, vote for Justin Trudeau. I dare you.

Ask a "PROFESSIONAL" journalist

CBC reports...

"There's so much we don't know about who may be behind this."
CBC now reporting there may be a myriad of reasons for this latest incident. Despite a billion dollar yearly government subsidy they are actually advising people to keep an eye on Twitter.

Me, I'm thinking it's another Amish uprising.

More nuggets from Canada's national broadcaster...
"I'm hearing all kinds of sounds, but I don't know what they are."
Another CBC professional breathily recounting that she sees police officers...WEARING BULLETPROOF VESTS!!!

Obviously we need a little more outreach.


CBC Radio reporting: NDP Caucus Superheroes

So a Dipper MP brought her infant to work. Yet another "professional" journalist apparently got the goods from an NDP stalwart inside the locked room where the heroic members were hunkered down.
"The baby, the baby, let's try to protect the baby at all costs."
See... under Tom Mulcair no child will actually be left behind.

Of course, we all know if the baby had been present at the Conservative gathering, Stephen Harper would have used it a a human shield.

20 October 2014

Not really such a bold move...

...for a man who'll have an armed detail of bodyguards for the rest of his life...

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to seek a vendor to produce as many as 34 million blank work permits and 'green cards' – the paperwork that authorizes illegal immigrants to live in the United States – as the White House prepares to issue an executive order AFTER the Nov. 4 midterm elections.

"White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest declined to address a Breitbart News report about a 'surge' of immigration ID’s requested by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services."
Surprise, surprise.

18 October 2014

Burying the lede

It's what "professional" journalists do best...

"The officials briefed on the case said the forensic evidence gathered in the car lent credence to Officer Wilson’s version of events."
Get ready to watch Ferguson go up in flames.

RELATED: Just the facts, Ma'am
FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – A report by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning shows the official autopsy supports Ferguson officer Darren Wilson’s claim that Michael Brown struggled with him in his patrol vehicle, and that Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot Aug. 9.

16 October 2014

It's past time Canadians dealt with...

...the enduring shame of horse-o-phobia...

The Danish law currently states that humans can have sex with animals as long as the animal doesn’t suffer, which begs the question: how would one know if an animal enjoyed human sex?
Surely, now... if the small-minded Conservative haters are opposed to inter-species love... Justin must immediately launch a new diversity initiative. Yet another Liberal policy... "Yea & Neigh."

14 October 2014

Canadian Euthanasia Initiative...

...slowly but surely upping success rate...victimless crime, huhYeah, let's blame the inanimate powder... not the people who bought it, prepared it and injected it onto their veins. 'Cos we all know that pencils write poetry.

Like all government programs, this one continues to grow... and grow...

“One time a girl came and told me there were 44 people in front of her,” said Lampkin.

That kind of lineup would represent a considerable wait, because users take an average of 15 to 20 minutes each. Some take considerably longer.
Your tax dollars at work.

"Let them eat aspirin"

More political proctology from Dr O'Blarney...

“The administration’s decision to withhold the costs of this law until after Election Day is just more proof that Obamacare is a bad deal for Americans.”