06 July 2014

Sorry, Mzzzsss... no truth to speculation...

...of an automatic grade bump for any pix of fathers/ brothers/ boyfriends... wearing your panties.

03 June 2014


"It was announced today that President Roosevelt convinced the British government to return Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer, to the Third Reich in exchange for a US army private who previously deserted to the Wehrmacht by leaving his post."

22 October 2013


"There isn’t enough money on the planet that could make me confess to being beaten up by Liza Minnelli."

I'm so confused

Didn't Toronto's last Mayor say he was gonna stop all the violence by closing down all the shooting ranges?

"The victim, believed to be 19 years old, was shot in the back while in the Lawrence Avenue East and Galloway Road area, a spokesperson with Toronto EMS says."
Galloway, Galloway... that sounds so familiar.

No wonder Dalton picked up and ran away...

...to the United States...

"At the end of August, physiotherapy services provided to frail elderly in retirement and long-term care homes and in the community — simply to keep them mobile and active — were delisted from OHIP to save $67 million a year."
And this is where Premier Wynne thinks she should start chopping?

I thought the Liberals were supposed to be the "healthcare" party.

21 October 2013


"Where does it say in the Constitution that the government can steal from me and give it to somebody else? It doesn’t, which mean MY rights are now being trampled."
"This is a bit more 'compassionate' than my position. If they can’t work, help them. If they won’t work, f&ck them."
(via SDA)

19 October 2013

Taking a page from the...

...First Nations playbook...

"When organizers thanked the OPP for their understanding and patience at their act of civil disobedience, the crowd responded with warm applause."
Is taking advantage of the erosion of lawful civil authority a good thing?

It'll be interesting to see where this sort of thing takes us.


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...the silly farmers didn't bring high-powered weapons...
This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s the explicit strategy outlined in the Rockefeller Brothers Fund “Tar Sands Campaign” planning document, written in 2008. It’s white foreign money. With a splash of Canadian Indians for colour.
always a widescreen tv
That’s not a new tactic. But adding in violent Oka-style warriors from Idle No More is new. It’s not just adding Indian bona fides; it’s adding Indian machine guns. That’s why the eco-terrorists in New Brunswick were Indian.

Every environmentalist in Canada should be condemning the rioters.
It's so weird... they can reject the oil & gas industry, but I don't see anyone trading in their ATVs or F150s for ponies and travois.


LAST WORD: Meet the protestors

Ever wonder why these folks can show up to riot any time of day or night?
halls of macadamia/It gets better...
"For instance, where a family of four in the rest of New Brunswick receives $908 a month, a family of similar size on a reserve receives $1,262, or about $300 more."
Hey... guns & ammo... never mind explosives... they don't just grow on trees.