26 March 2017

#NEVERTRUMPERS... a continuing series

The 27-year-old formerly known as Patrick Abbatiello, now legally designated agender, also got legal approval to change names, now going only by “Patch,” no surname. That name also serves as a pronoun, Patch explained to the local NBC affiliate this week.

“Even gender-neutral pronouns don’t feel as if they fit me,” Patch said. “I feel no identity or closeness with any pronouns I’ve come across. What describes me is my name.”
Yes, Patchy-poo... you're a beautiful butterfly.


BONUS ROUND: Trump has to go... right?
A Black Lives Matter activist, who also claims to be a pre-school teacher, gave a fiery speech at an anti-Trump rally in Seattle. “We need to start killing people.” The unidentified woman also had choice words to say about white people and reparations.

“White people, give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, give it fucking all,” she said during Sunday’s protest. “You need to reparate[sic] black and indigenous people right now.”
Sweeeeet baby jebus.

25 March 2017

In other Pierre-lite news

insert alt text here

"Some government office in Canada will be packed to the gills with cardboard cutouts of the PM looking slightly disheveled and unbearably handsome."

UPDATE: Justin kills free speech

Rex Murphy weighs in...
Why not a motion, as some have suggested, speaking out against prejudice against all religions? There is also concern that the motion will, in some manner, chill valid criticism of Islamist terror, or will not make allowance for legitimate criticism or analysis of Islam. Such criticism would now be forced to wear the degrading mantle of Islamophobia.


...and good riddance...

24 March 2017

The death of free speech in Canada

Witness Pierre-lite's own iteration of the "War Measures Act"...

Motion M103 was tabled by Iqra Khalid, a Muslim member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. It states the government must “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”, was taken to vote on Thursday evening where a total of 201 MPs voted for it and only 91 voted against.
Of course, condemnation of intolerance is decidedly a one-way street in Lib-Lib Land...
"On the one-year anniversary of a brazen Ottawa shooting that claimed the life of a 24-year-old Canadian soldier, Justin Trudeau avoided mention of the word terrorism."

UPDATE: Sounds Islamophobic to me...
Taxi drivers are swapping debit cards when passing the terminal to customers paying their fare, Toronto police warn.

“Upon paying, if they’ve opted to pay with a debit card, at some point during that transaction from the point of sale, the taxi operator has been able to manipulate and swap the debit card and obtain the customer’s PIN number.

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LAST WORD: Kathy Shaidle takes a stand

23 March 2017


"It's time for Canada to start taking in millions of white conservative refugees wanting to flee the UK for a better life."

UPDATE: Another Lutheran gone wild...
Khalid Masood, 52, has been identified as the man behind the attacks Wednesday in London that left three people dead and many others injured outside Britain's Parliament.

UPDATE2: And over in Antwerp...
BRUSSELS — Belgian authorities tightened security Thursday in the port city of Antwerp after a Frenchman drove his car at high speed through a busy shopping area, forcing pedestrians to jump out of the way.

Police arrested a man, identified as 39-year-old Mohamed R., who has been living in France.
As French as fallafel.

Another day... another akbar... or two.

Build a wall...

...top it with razor wire and broken glass...

“I know that if this country enforced the laws that are already on the books those two young men would not have been here and this rape, this horrendous rape, would not have occurred."

UPDATE: Siege mentality spreads
The counties containing Chicago, Detroit and the independent city of Baltimore were the biggest population losers in the United States from 2015 to 2016, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.

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York Regional Police have identified the victim of an early morning shooting in Vaughan as Laquan Lyew, 26, of Ajax. Not long after the shooting in Vaughan, Toronto police were called to Cather Crescent near Varna Drive, in the Lawrence Avenue West and Allen Road area, for reports of multiple gunshots and the sound of a man screaming for help.
Just another day... in the GTA.

22 March 2017

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no... uh, Jesus... wait a minute..."

Five people, including a London police officer who was stabbed and the alleged assailant, were killed in a terror attack that saw more 40 people injured outside the Parliament building on Wednesday in an act described as "sick and depraved" by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Acting Metropolian Police Deputy Commissioner and Head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley said there was only one attacker who authorities believe was "inspired by international terrorism."

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I'm thinkin' we're gonna have to revisit that whole "Canadian Values" dealio.

21 March 2017

The Human Condition

Before venturing into the Mystery Hole, all pilgrims must complete a waiver reading, “I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I must be out of my mind to climb down into a damp, dark hole when I’m perfectly safe where I am.”

20 March 2017

Something for nothing?

...I guess we're shifting over to "Sunny Ways" economic policy...

"Kathleen Wynne's plan, which is supposed to take effect this summer, will cost taxpayers an estimated $25 billion in interest payments as the Liberal government re-amortizes electricity deals over 30 years to achieve the short-term savings."

18 March 2017

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no... uh, Jesus... wait a minute..."

A convicted criminal with links to radical Islam sent a text message to his brother and father stating 'I shot the police', shortly before he was shot dead during an attack at Paris Orly airport.

The 39-year-old, named locally as career criminal Ziyed Ben Belgacem, was killed after wrestling a soldier's gun from her and fleeing into a McDonald's.

Less than two hours earlier he had shot a female police officer in the head in a northern Paris suburb after being stopped for speeding.
Another day... another akbar.

"You gave away..."

"...the things you loved... and one of them was me"...
insert alt text here
The Canadian military has tried previously to change or alter some of its equipment for women. In 1997 it earmarked more than $2 million for creating what it believed would be the world’s first combat bra. The project was eventually abandoned.

The action plan focuses on Designated Group Members, which the Canadian Forces defines as women, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities. Also included in the strategy is the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning and 2-Spirited) community.
I myself am looking forward to Canada's first 2-Spirited, paraplegic Wiccan jet fighter pilot... even if she doesn't have a fully functioning "combat bra."

17 March 2017

Forget about gloves, batons, tasers...

...perhaps they can just go back to shooting folks who resist arrest...insert alt text here

Under the weight of a set of watchdog charges against an Ottawa officer wearing Oakley gloves with hardened knuckles, the chief of police has ordered an audit of all force-approved glove purchases for officers.
How much money would you have to make to square off against thugs and crazy people on a regular basis? If part of my job was getting into no-rules street brawls, I'd be protecting my hands as well.

Note that the officers in question were responding to a man grabbing women's breasts in a crowded public venue. After citizens called 911, this guy fled the scene and then resisted arrest when police caught up to him.


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Dear Muslim community... perhaps someday, Allah willing, all those shameless French Canadian women will be wearing hijab, but until that blessed day arrives you don't get to grab woman's breasts whenever the urge arises.
Sorry Abdi... this is not warring, lawless, tribal Somalia.


LAST WORD: A day in the life...insert alt text hereWhen are the police gonna get rid of those scary, racist bomb disposal suits?

No one from the Malt Liquor Lobby...

...was immediately available for comment...

All of us have been “so accustomed to hearing the benefits of milk,” Samantha Diaz writes in the California State University-Long Beach student paper Daily 49er, “that you probably didn’t even realize the subtle racism hidden in our health facts.”

“There is a deep-rooted American tradition to suppress an entire race’s existence.”
With milk.

16 March 2017

Special rules...

...for special people...

"The Liberal government’s new hydro rate cut will remove delivery charges for every on-reserve First Nations household in Ontario."
In other protected people news...
"If I'm sitting at home and I can see with my own eyes that someone has broken into my own truck, am I going to think to myself: 'Am I going to kill someone and shoot them in the head point blank?'" Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron says.
Sure, Bobby... I anticipate a rash of gory executions as teens lift a pair of Raybans from unlocked pickups. It's what all of us privileged old white guys do.

Shame on the CBC for their constant fear-mongering.

UPDATE: Ask a Public Safety Minister...
Canada’s public safety minister is backing Saskatchewan’s justice minister, who spoke out against a resolution passed this week by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) that argues for relaxed self-defence laws.
So, Ralphie... firmly on the side of perpetrators?

Dr Wankenstein

If you are prone to throwing off genetically damaged offspring... do the world a favour and adopt...

"UK scientists have been given the go-ahead to carry out a treatment that will make it possible for babies to be made from two women and a man."