22 July 2017

Get out your decoder rings...

"Calgary police say the violence is generally localized to individuals of a group that is very disorganized and lacking in the structure of traditional gangs. Communities within central and northeast Calgary have the highest shooting occurrence rates and the shootings are most likely to happen during the night on weekends."

"He could remember..."

"...riding his horse into the town three miles from his grandparents’ farm with a real pistol strapped to his side and a rifle in the scabbard when he was 12 or 13. No one said a thing. Today a SWAT team would be on the scene."


The devil, of course, is in the details...the real killers

"He means nobody's ever SURVIVED him pulling a weapon on them."

"A Nevada brothel offered O.J. Simpson his first job offer since being promised parole from the Nevada prison system."

"Some of the prostitutes working at the Bunny Ranch rose up in indignation after hearing about the job offer. At least one has threatened to quit if Simpson comes to the Ranch."

LAST WORD: Is it really so preposterous?

Saying that his government was “terribly sorry” about the way the former NFL superstar has been treated following his conviction on charges of armed robbery, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to pay $10 million to O.J. Simpson.

While Trudeau acknowledged that Simpson was not technically a Canadian, the fact that he played just minutes from the Canadian border in Buffalo, Trudeau said, gave Canada a responsibility to protect him.

21 July 2017

Celebrating a Lion of the Left

"It was nine hours before he reported the accident. In the meantime, he walked back to his motel, complained to the manager about a noisy party, took a shower, went to sleep, ordered newspapers when he woke up and spoke to a friend and two lawyers before finally calling the police."
Kennedy, Kennedy... that sounds so familiar...
Margaret Trudeau wrote in her memoir that she had a romance with Senator Ted Kennedy. Margaret said she became infatuated with Kennedy after meeting him a few years earlier. She told Kennedy that he "had not destroyed my marriage but that I had used him to help me destroy a marriage that was already over."

Kathleen Wynne's "dirty business"

Ontario taxpayers will soon be part-owners of one of the biggest coal-fired power plants in America west of the Mississippi River, making money off pollution in the U.S. Northwest that would be illegal to emit at home.

What they do at Colstrip would be against the law in Ontario. In 2015, after closing the last of this province’s coal plants by government order, the Liberals passed a law outlawing them.
Do what I say... not what I do.

20 July 2017

Eyewitness testimony

A jury has convicted a western Michigan woman of first-degree murder in the shooting death of her husband in a crime apparently witnessed by the man’s pet parrot.

After the slaying, the pet parrot, Bud, constantly repeated “don’t f@cking shoot” in Martin Duram’s voice.
Please note that the parrot was actually helpful, unlike these irredeemable little turds...
"Police and prosecutors say little can be done legally after the revelation that a group of teens filmed the dying moments of a 32-year-old disabled man last week, with the teens mocking, cursing and laughing while the man drowned in a fenced-off pond."

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...let's rewrite history...
Surprised no one pointed out the lack of transgender representation too.

Particularly in the Wehrmacht.

19 July 2017


BREAKING: Sounds like Mohammed Noor...

...wasn't the only affirmative action fiasco...

Mayor Hodges released a statement on the chief’s resignation:

“As far as we have come, I’ve lost confidence in Police Chief Janeé Harteau’s ability to lead us further — and from the many conversations I’ve had with people around our city, especially this week, it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well.”
affirmative action
"The silence from the Minneapolis Police Federation in the shooting death of Justine Damond is in sharp contrast to other controversial cases.

Privately, sources are telling us that this can only mean one thing: that the shooting death of Justine Damond by a Minneapolis officer is even being questioned by his fellow officers."
But, wait... there's more...
"Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police in March 2015, has reportedly had three complaints made against him in two years - including a lawsuit. Two are from 2017 and one from 2016 is closed and marked 'not to be made public'."

UPDATE: Noor family claiming "victimhood"
The family of Damond’s killer declared his innocence, saying Mohammed Noor had mistakenly shot her dead.

“We feel so bad about this, we are traumatised ourselves. It’s so unfortunate.”

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...Macleans magazine has bigger fish to fry...
"Indeed, confronting white supremacy in Canada, a country that often openly denies its existence, does require a fight. White supremacy is insidious and covert in Canada."

A story you're not gonna see...

...anytime soon on the CBC...affirmative action

Justine's loved ones said she called 911 after hearing what she thought was a sexual assault in the alley. Moments later, a responding officer, Mohamed Noor, shot and killed her from inside his squad car.

WCCO also learned that when she approached the squad car, Officer Noor, the first Somali-American officer to work in Minneapolis’ 5th precinct reached across his partner in the driver’s seat, then shot and killed Damond
Witness the perils of affirmative action...
Thirty year old Noor had joined the department in March 2015. Before that, he worked in property management.

A report via CBS cited Officer Mohammed Noor’s attorney saying the policeman’s weapon discharging multiple gunfire led to the death of the woman.

Both officers had body cameras but they weren’t turned on.
I'm guessing Black Lives Matter Minnesota was not available for comment.


UPDATE: Ask the Toronto Red Star...
Minneapolis Somali community braces for backlash
One prominent Somali BLM activist is quoted as suddenly saying, "I hope the conversation will focus on police reform, not racial stereotypes."

You mean, like evil white cops murdering totally blameless black people? Un-fucking-believable.


RELATED: Remember the Star covering Sammy Yatim?
“Since when did it become a crime to be a teenager, I ask you?”
Of course, there were a few small differences.

Yatim wasn't the 911 caller. He was the perp.
Yatim had a knife, which he swung at a woman.
Yatim refused to put down the knife and advanced towards cops.
The cop who shot Yatim wasn't black.

All the difference in the world.


UPDATE2: Noor partner gives statement...

...doesn't make things better...
"Officers Were 'Startled’ By Noise'"
Officer Harrity's lawyer later stated that Harrity & Noor were "concerned about a possible ambush."

Yeah... ambushed by a slight, blonde, pyjama clad yoga teacher. You really wanna die on that hill, Officer Harrity?

Meanwhile, Officer Noor, who has been the subject of three complaints since being hired in 2015, has refused to talk to investigators.


Peter Kent: • The Trudeau government paid a terrorist murderer $10-million. •

Gerald Butts: • Look... squirrel, squirrel!!!

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"Media reports this week have revealed aspects of future governor general Julie Payette's past that were previously not disclosed, including a dismissed domestic assault charge and a fatal traffic accident.

Prime Minister Trudeau did not use a selection committee and won't comment on future GG's dismissed assault charge."

18 July 2017

Toronto Homicide Squad rounding up...

...farmers, hunters, target shooters... and soccer mums...

it's a mystery

"Four to five suspects fled in a dark-coloured sedan following the shooting, police said, though witnesses initially said the vehicle looked like a minivan. There was no immediate suspect description available."
Apparently... "mum's the word."


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The victims, identified by police as a 29-year-old Toronto man, a 33-year-old Toronto man, and a 47-year-old Vaughan man, were transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect has not yet been apprehended and a detailed suspect description has not yet been released.

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...you'd read about a fresh rash of shooting and stabbings in the paper every day?

Yeah... me neither...
"Two people were rushed to hospital with serious injuries after a stabbing in Toronto’s West Don Lands neighbourhood early Sunday morning."

LAST WORD: Bright lights, big city

Here's an extremely useful bit of information for some residents of Toronto "Community" Housing...
"Dr. Pannucci’s interest peaked when one of his patients – a woman fitted with breast implants – survived a close-range shooting."

2017 North American Indigenous Games

Cultural appropriation alert!!!let the games beginIn addition to the expected, predictable archery and canoeing events... there is, apparently... imagine my surprise... golf AND rifle shooting.

CBC, however... has decided to stick to broadcasting traditional indigenous pursuits so as not to offend the usual snowflakes.


I have to ask about the picture... did they paint Justin's face just so they could laugh at him?


UPDATE: While CBC does archery & canoes...

"Kulluayuk Koperqualuk represented P.E.I. in rifle shooting competition at the North American Indigenous Games in Toronto this week."

17 July 2017

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...poor starving imam

"Imam Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr called Jews 'the worst of mankind' and expressed his hope that Muslims would slaughter them on Judgment Day. The Dar al-Arkam Mosque in Montreal has still yet to apologize for the speech and the original Arabic version of the sermon remains posted to the mosque’s YouTube channel."
Postscript... looks like that whole "Israelis starving the Palestinians to death" trope just took a big hit, too!


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devout...there's no such animal as "Islamic terrorism"...
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a gender-segregated mosque Monday morning whose imam is a member of a group considered a terrorist organization abroad."
A vote is a vote, right Justy?

Just try spanking your kids...

...and see if the Children's Aid Society don't try to snatch them away from you, but...insert alt text here

"In one example, a family might tell their children they are going on vacation to Australia, but instead, according to the documents, they travel to a small, remote village in Somalia for the girls to be cut."
So how many prosecutions for female genital mutilation have there been in Justin Trudeau's post-national state?
"While there is some progress being made, Canada’s efforts fall short of what other countries are actively doing. There has never been a criminal conviction for female genital mutilation in Canada."

UPDATE: Scotland... a haven for mutilation?
According to the paper, it has been claimed that people from England and across Europe have traveled to Scotland to have their daughters mutilated as the nation has been seen as a “soft touch” on the issue.
Surprise, surprise, look who's actually doing something about this horrific problem...
In France, more than 100 people were jailed for FGM by 2014, thanks to a “zero tolerance” approach to the crime.

15 July 2017

Feminism... The Final Frontier

Please tell me these freaks are not procreating...great balls of, uh... nevermind

"Pets cannot speak for themselves. They cannot tell you that they are being misgendered. It’s important not to make assumptions about what gender your animal is based off of its sex."
I'm guessing the bills from the pet psychiatrist are the least of the problem.


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14 July 2017

The larger philosophical questions

"Why own a gun?"1155**********


The new abolitionists...insert alt text here

“The police force in this country began as a slave patrol…,” activist Jessica Disu said last year. “We need to abolish the police, period. Demilitiarize the police, disarm the police, and we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.”
Geez, Jessica... I think Baltimore and Chicago have already been "transformed."

13 July 2017

PM Selfie vs his own Bureaucracy


“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say 'we need to go green.'"
"Respect for human rights in China has declined over the past two years with crackdowns on media and political dissent being notable problems, says an internal Canadian government report."

"The candid assessment is detailed in the most recent human rights report on China, completed in January by Global Affairs Canada."

The article revealed that China is planning to build more than twice as many coal plants in the next decade as the U.S. has in operation today.

Man the lifeboats...

...women and children first...

"Nevada's governor has endorsed a statement of emergency declared for recreational marijuana regulations, after the state's tax authority declared that many stores are running out of weed."

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According to WJZ, murders occur so frequently in Baltimore that the number of murders in the city is higher than the number in Philadelphia, even though Philadelphia “has two and a half times the population.” Moreover, Baltimore sees more murders than New York City, although NYC “is almost 14 times larger.”

But the real giveaway on the level of violence in Baltimore is the report that the city’s murder rate “more than doubles Chicago’s.”

Millions for Terrorists

So, when will Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne start building genderless universities, hospitals and prisons?gender blender

In May, the Ontario provincial government announced plans to begin issuing gender-neutral birth certificates. Ontario also allows residents to opt for an X, rather than an M or F on their drivers’ licenses, and has removed gender information from health care cards entirely.

Most Canadians are opposed to the idea of allowing residents of their own province to opt for something other than an “M” or an “F” on their birth certificates, and roughly half say allowing gender-neutral identification of all types for those who want it is a “bad thing”.
I suspect that that the people most supportive of this genderless nonsense are millennials who grew up on Star Wars movies and are gushingly enthusiastic about beings who more closely resemble alien lifeforms than the female facsimile they were aiming for.
Political affiliation is also related to opinions on genderless birth certificates. Those who voted for the Conservative Party of Canada in the 2015 federal election are far more likely than other Canadians to oppose the plan. Almost four-in-five (77%) oppose their province issuing gender-neutral birth certificates.

12 July 2017

Justin Trudeau paid the "Jizya"...

...to keep Jean Chretien and Paul Martin off the witness stand...liberal hypocrisy

“The Harper government refused to repatriate Mr. Khadr or otherwise resolve the matter. They could have, but they didn’t,” Goodale declared.

Except Goodale omitted that in so doing, Harper was merely continuing the policy of the Jean Chretien/Paul Martin Liberal governments from 2002 until they lost power in 2006.

The Liberals made no effort to repatriate Khadr.
And that, my friends, is the truth that "Roaring Ralph" chooses not to tell you...
"Khadr’s civil suit was heavily focused on the unconstitutional conduct of the Liberal government in the 2002-2003 Chrétien-Martin period. Liberal heavyweights and officials from that epoch were included in formulating the Khadr settlement."
Yeah, I'm shocked.

Ostrich Syndrome

So we'll pretend it's not happening... that'll fix the problem...hoodrats

Officials from BART, the public metro system serving California's San Francisco Bay area, have come under fire for their refusal to release crime surveillance videos, claiming such tapes will promote stereotypes and "stir up racial animosity."

A BART official defended the agency's decision on Monday by saying information about criminal misconduct will be withheld at this time because of the media's "disproportionate elevation" of crimes that "unfairly affect and characterize riders of color."
Hell's bells... here in Canada, this is standard operating procedure...
York Regional Police are investigating after shots were fired into the front window of a restaurant in Vaughan late Monday. It happened at an establishment on Rutherford Road near Weston Road shortly before 11 p.m. A suspect was seen fleeing the scene, but there was no immediate description of the person.
A man is in hospital with serious injuries after a shooting in Scarborough shortly before 2:30 a.m. near a Tim Hortons near Midland and Eglinton avenues. Investigators have not released any information on suspects and police have not said if the victim was targeted in the shooting.
And again...
Multiple shots were fired at a home near Warden and St. Clair avenues early on Tuesday morning. There were people inside the home at the time, Toronto police said, but no one was hurt.

There’s no word yet on suspects.
Ooops... one more...
Toronto police said they received several reports of three to five shots fired just after 3 p.m. near Jane St. and Sheppard Ave. W. Police later found a male near the scene with injuries.
Black Lives Matter Toronto was apparently unavailable for comment.


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"An award-winning journalist who broke the story of the group of Jewish women ejected from an LGBTQ march in Chicago last month has been reassigned to non-journalistic duties at the paper which ran the original report, the Windy City Times."
Let's not even talk about the French.