25 November 2015

As much as I'd like...

...a $6000 bespoke leather jacket...only the bestI think I'd actually prefer three exquisitely tooled off-the-rack rifles.

And I think I'll start right here...reach out and touchCurrently available here in Canada in both ever popular NATO calibers. His & hers Christmas presents anyone?

24 November 2015

Is your safety and security...

...dependent on Liberals calling audibles & gadget plays?do you believe in magic?Of course, the headline is a little misleading as it says nothing about the 15,000 refugees being admitted in the eight weeks after Christmas.

The government will prioritize complete families, women at risk, and members of the LGBT community. Single men will only be allowed to come to Canada if they identify as LGBT or are accompanying their parents as part of a family unit.
Ooh, there's some tough love. But wait, Coach Justin has called a double-reverse. The priority categories do not apply to the suddenly split-off group of 10,000 'privately sponsored' refugees.

"Privately sponsored" single men (and I predict an inexplicably sharp rise in the number of self declared gay Muslim men) will still be allowed to come to Canada like any other refugee... which renders the proviso above totally moot (and, incidentally, intentionally deceptive).

The one thing this proviso seems to do is shift responsibility for all the single men onto their private sponsors. I guess that if one of these guys blows himself up on the steps of Parliament, you will have to bring civil suit against the United Church and all the other private sponsors. Who says Pierre-lite doesn't have a certain animal cunning?

I guess that particular obfuscation will be enough of a climbdown to appease the media and the average low-information voter.

What we do know now is that 10,000 refugees will arrive between December 1 and Christmas. Given civil service 8 hour days (even with no lunches or coffee breaks) that means 416 persons per day will have to pass security and medical screening. 15,000 won’t arrive in Canada until the end of February and will now be screened at the rate of 375 per day. Of course, there's the outliers who have presumably been screened with the same magic wand that apparently don't count.
Officials said 102 Syrian refugees have arrived since Nov. 4, which is when they started the clock on the commitment. The 3,089 resettled between July 2013 and Nov. 3 did not count toward the total.
Fwiw, meeting the pre-Christmas deadline means clearing a refugee every 1.15 minutes. On the end of February deadline that's been stretched out to 1.28 minutes.

Feeling safer yet? Just don't turn on your tv.

The true cost of Wynning

taxing us to death

"The best euphemism in the government’s cap-and-trade discussion paper is “carbon leakage.” Perhaps this sounds like some kind of accidental carbon emission. In fact, it is a sanitized term for job losses.

Carbon leakage” is when a company relocates out of Ontario and into another jurisdiction where production is more affordable."

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..."You're with us... or you're a racist."

Iraq... Syria... Afghanistan?

Nope... it's beautiful multicultural Sweden...

Stockholm opened what is believed to be the world's first rape clinic for men. More and more men are being subjected to homosexual rape in multicultural Sweden. 370 sex crimes against boys and men were registered in 2014, although the actual number of incidents is thought to be significantly higher.

October 7: TV4's popular investigative journalism TV program, Cold Facts (Kalla Fakta), revealed that public health centers in areas with high immigrant populations perform so-called "virginity tests" on young girls. The doctors (several of whom were immigrants) ignored the loud protests from the girls, and examined them against their will. The doctors also offered, for a cash bribe, to issue "virginity certificates" for the girls.

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...takes a certain hardy sort of immigrant...
Among the 50 states, Michigan has the largest proportion of residents claiming Arab ancestry — about 185,000 people. Many live in the metro Detroit area; 45 percent of Dearborn residents have Arab ancestry.

Almost half of Michigan immigrants from the Middle East were born in Iraq (54,691), followed by Lebanon (20,698), Yemen (12,551), Syria (6,791) and Saudi Arabia (5,041).

Compared to Michigan's immigrants from central and eastern Asia, those born in the Middle East are much more likely to live in poverty.

UPDATE CANADA: Don't worry... be happy.

23 November 2015

And speaking of Gawd...

...and his earthly instruments...toronto terrorism

Thanabalasingam Kanagasabpathy, a director of the Scarborough temple’s governing society said, "The temple is a public facility and anyone could come to pray," adding, "It is not my place to ask their political affiliations. World Tamil Movement people, sometimes they are coming to pray. How can I say don’t come here?”

The WTM’s former spokesman, Nehru Gunaratnam, was photographed at the temple last January, holding a microphone as he addressed the Ontario premier, one of her caucus MPPs and a Toronto city councillor. He then read out the text of an award from the temple, which he handed to the temple president, who gave it to the premier.


British Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday he would ask for parliamentary approval this week to begin participating in U.S.-led airstrikes on ISIS in Syria.

Cameron also offered the use of a British air base in Cyprus for anti-IS actions in Syria.

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"The Paris public hospital authority said Sunday a "limited number" of suits were missing but wouldn't confirm media reports saying a dozen hermetic protective overalls, three dozen pairs of special boots resistant to chemical agents, gloves and anti-bacterial masks have disappeared."
I bet it's those pesky Jehovah's Witnesses again.

22 November 2015

My Melting Pot Overfloweth

Molenbeek, er... Hamtramck, USA... coming soon to a Liberal enclave near you...sharia city?

Ibrahim Algahim, a political activist in the Yemeni community spoke at a victory celebration... What he said at that meeting might disturb some in the community.

“Today, we showed the Polish and everybody else that we are united.”
Yep, Ibrahim... you showed 'em...
At last week’s city council meeting, several residents of the Hamtramck Senior Plaza apartments on Holbrook complained about the volume level of the call to prayer coming from the Ideal Islamic Center, located across from the apartment complex.
I don't imagine that header image in the local paper will last too much longer.


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Muslim community activist Kamal Rahman encourages other Muslims to watch their language, because it can seem threatening.

“It sends the wrong message. If I were white, I would feel scared,” he said.

LAST WORD: A Molenbeek primer

Whaddaya say we ask...

...Nathan Cirillo's mother about plans to guard Syrian refugees with Canadian military reservists...

“One of my fears is that they won’t have enough boots on the ground and they’re going to get killed.”

The parent also wants to know if soldiers will be properly armed with live ammunition.

“If they are armed and these kids have to defend themselves and end up shooting someone, will the defence minister support them?”
No straight answers here, it looks as though the 'powers that be' will be playing "hot potato" with this one as well...
The defence department refused to say if military personnel will be used to guard refugees, or whether soldiers would be armed in the event they are used for security, or discuss any potential rules of engagement.

“We suggest that you contact Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada for further details as they are the lead for this initiative,” DND spokesman Dominique Tessier said.
And round and round we go.

21 November 2015

From the folks who brought you...

...the Trojan Horse...religion of rest in pieces

Lesbos (Greece) (AFP) - As the hunt for jihadists widens after last week's Paris attacks, authorities in Greece warn it was virtually impossible to pick out dangerous extremists among arriving migrants, without prior intelligence.

It's a seemingly detailed security check, but jihadists have already proven they can bypass it with ease.

Those looking to give the police the slip can also obtain fake Greek documents, with criminal syndicates doing a brisk business in supplying migrants with fake papers and police registration documents.

A gang of suspected forgers, most of them Pakistanis, were arrested on Lesbos on Wednesday.

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Canada will be bringing in 6,300 refugees a week. But, don't worry, there's a stringent security screening process...
"For anyone who's curious, over an eight hour day, that's admitting 1.875 refugees per minute... assuming nobody takes lunch, coffee breaks or goes to the bathroom."

UPDATE: My "melting pot" overfloweth...
Belgium raised the alert status for its capital Brussels to the highest level on Saturday, shutting the metro and warning the public to avoid crowds due to a “serious and imminentthreat of an attack.

The last time any part of the country was put on maximum alert was in May 2014 when a gunman shot dead four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. At that time, Jewish schools, synagogues and other institutions were put on level four.
In other "Religion of Peace" news...religion of rest in piecesHow does Justin Trudeau's potential fifth column sound now?

20 November 2015

Not so much "Religion of Peace"...

...as Religion of "piece of ass"...

religion of rest in pieces

"Europe's first woman suicide bomber was a party animal with a string of boyfriends who had shown no interest in religion, it emerged today. A photograph has also emerged of Hasna Ait Boulahcen posing for a selfie in the bath. Her face is covered in heavy make-up and she wears nothing but jewellery."
Apparently, ISIL is a little more open-minded than previously imagined. Sounds like the rest of her late comrades might end up being a little disappointed with their 72 virgins.

P.S. - Dear Daily Mail... you really think she was called "Cowgirl" because she liked big hats? You "professional journalist" types kill me.

Remember... Google is your friend.



Because, you can never have too many unemployable, non-English speaking people wandering the snowy streets...ready or not
The Liberal government plans to process as many as 900 Syrian refugees a day - starting Dec. 1 - a shocking new report reveals.

That's 6,300 refugees a week.
For anyone who's curious, over an eight hour day, that's 1.875 refugees per minute... assuming nobody takes lunch, coffee breaks or goes to the bathroom.


UPDATE2: What could possibly go wrong?
Health Minister Jane Philpott and Immigration Minister John McCallum will update Canadians on their plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by year's end, as the military prepares to temporarily house hundreds of refugees in bases in Quebec and Ontario.
Don't you mean "thousands," guys?


LAST WORD: You first, Mr PILF
Canadians are being asked to bear the burden of their politicians’ reckless feel-good fantasies. The proper reply should be, “you first.”


Don't blame me... I didn't vote for 'em...

Ontario now boasts the highest proportion of minimum wage workers in Canada and one of the worst rates of long-term unemployment in the country.
But don't you worry... those 10,000 non-English speaking refugees will fix everything.


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The Liberal campaign motto should have been, "Politics, As Usual!"
But, but, but... isn't he dreamy?

19 November 2015

Kathleen Wynne appoints special team...

...of Islamic-friendly Ambassadors to soothe 10,000 Ontario bound Syrian refugees concerns...chicks with dicksThe first get together will involve cocktails and a night of musical theatre, guaranteed to make the travel-weary newcomers feel right at home.

18 November 2015

Parris Island Chief DI - 2030 AD

From our voluminous "calls it as I sees it" file...mouths of babes

A 10 year-old just penned a letter to the Navy, thanking troops for their service and wishing them well.

Thank you for your service. Me and my family are so thankful for you troops protecting us. Thank you for trying your hardest to protect our country. Good luck on killing those ISIS fucks.”
Misty Allen-Brummett received a copy of a letter sent to her husband, a navy sailor, as a part of a care package from school-aged children in the United States.
“The mother at first was going to make him change the bad language but then decided that maybe the troops would get a good laugh and sent it with his candy and a letter from herself,” Allen-Brummett said.

A survey done by the Arab Center For Research reveals that 13% of Syrian refugees APPROVE of the ISIS terrorists.

13% of 25,000 is 3250...can Justin count all the way to 3250?

LAST WORD: It's the darndest coincidence...

I've been following this story because, despite being arrested on Parliament Hill with a weapon, the police and media were STRANGELY RELUCTANT to release this person's identity.

Well, looky here...
A lawyer for Yasin Ali asked for the assessment in court Wednesday after the 56-year-old appeared by video from the courthouse cellblock on a charge of carrying a concealed cleaver into Parliament.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson told reporters that Ali is known to authorities, but “not in the sort of counter-terrorism context.”

In fact, Paulson does not believe that the man’s actions were politically motivated or an act of terror.
Yeah, ol' Yasin was probably just a little cranky because the Liberals are talking about cancelling income splitting.
Ali’s court appearance Wednesday was slightly delayed after it became apparent he might need the assistance of an interpreter as he speaks Somali Arabic.

It is NOT KNOWN why he was in Ottawa or on Parliament Hill.
Yup... it's a freakin' mystery.

And, there's this...

Call me wacky... but if your mentally-ill son likes to dress up and play Soldiers & Jihadis... maybe you should try keeping a much closer watch on him...
Uniformed officers shot the suspected suicide bomber four times, the source said. The man, whose nationality was not immediately clear, was rushed to the trauma centre at St. Mike’s hospital in Toronto. He is expected to survive.
Coming soon to a street corner near you.

Parkas, maybe a little Powerpoint?

What's our "soft-power PM" gonna "whip out" now?religion of rest in pieces

"France's ambassador to Canada, Nicolas Chapuis said Sajjan assured him that Canada would remain a part of the coalition against ISIS, even as the Liberal government looks to move ahead with its campaign promise to wind down the country's participation in airstrikes."
Maybe Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan misheard the Prime Minister promising a "robust" response.

I'm guessing Justin actually said he was thinking of sending "robots." That way, nobody gets hurt... right?

In any case, it sounds as though Chapuis has Trudeau's number...
"We'll see when the decisions are taken, we'll see if it needs further consultation."
I'll bet we will.


UPDATE: If you voted Liberal...

...the nail bombs start going off at Yonge-Bloor subway station... you best keep your "flower-power" piehole outta my face...religion of rest in pieces
The arrests come after an ISIS terrorist bragged about how easy it was to smuggle thousands of covert jihadists into Europe under the guise of being a desperate refugee.

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had made it into western nations, hidden among innocent refugees.
What about the jihadis who are already here?

Despite CTV's vapid cheerleading...

...playing soccer, or tweeting about playing soccer, does not, in any way, shape or form... fight terrorism...

"LONDON -- Uniting in a symbol of defiance and respect, fans and players of the French and English soccer teams delivered a moving display of solidarity at Wembley Stadium... social media was awash with praise for the dignified way a sensitive occasion was handled."
And indeed it was...
"It's the only way that we can win," said one obviously drunk millennial via CBC Radio.
Turning to symbols and wishful thinking is becoming increasingly popular here in Canada, now that Justin Trudeau has ruled out using Canadian airpower or any other military assets here, in Syria.

Yessirree, it's a big ol' Care Bear world... even though CTV notes these millionaire sports heroes are actually "playing in defiance" of the terrorists, whatever that means.

Out here in Hastings county, a local paving outfit recently painted one of their cement trucks pink for the stated purpose of fighting breast cancer.

Of course, messaging (never mind practising medicine) via cement truck makes about as much sense as flooding cities with thousands of naked men in chaps and feather boas every year to make people feel less uneasy about militant homosexuality... "Yeah, yeah, Freddie... you're here, you're queer... now for the love of gawd and my 8 year-old niece in from Sudbury, please, please put your freakin' capri pants back on!!!"

You know who's actually doing a stellar job of broadcasting their philosophy and religious idealogy out into the public domain?

ISIS, that's who. The terrorist group's messages are invariably concise and unambiguous, relying not at all on symbols or sentiment.

A beheading here, a bombing there, dozens of bullet-riddled bodies in a baroque Parisian theatre... these guys are consistently and perpetually on point.

More importantly, they can send all these twitter-soaked, wishing-well simpletons screaming for their mummies anytime they like.
"HANNOVER, Germany -- The friendly soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled at short notice due to the serious threat of an attack at the stadium on Tuesday.
I'd say it's pretty obvious who's winning the P.R. game here.
Security at the stadium was very tight, with police armed with machine-guns and maintaining a very obvious presence in the city. Reporters arriving for the game were searched, while a sniffer dog was deployed to check their bags.
Where's all those symbols of defiance now? They've gotta be around here somewhere.

Meanwhile, in a screamin' metaphor for all this "Imagine all the People" malarkey we're drowning in of late...
JACKSON, Tenn. -- Authorities say 57-year-old Anthony Riggs was killed by a Rottweiler that he had adopted just hours earlier. Regional Health Department Director Kim Tedford said the dog had been a stray, and was picked up five days before being adopted.
Of course, the cops ended up shooting the dog, but it's just a little late for good samaritan Anthony.

Oh, yeah... one last thing I noted about our "transparent" media friends...
CTV News reserves the right to turn off commenting on some selected news stories, for legal or other reasons. Please read our guidelines before commenting on stories.
That's gotta be symbolic of something or other... right?

17 November 2015

Unlike Mutti Merkel, Hussein Obama...

...and Justin Zoolander...you can take Vlad the Impaler to the bank...religion of rest in piecesThe very clear message to jihadis here is... "you had best be wearing your explosive vests 24/7 for the rest of your miserable fugitive lives."

'Cos if my merciless, single digit IQ heavies from certain unnamed government offices catch up with you, well...

"We must do this without any statute of limitations and we must find out all their names," Putin said.

"Anyone who tries to help the criminals should know that the consequences for trying to shelter them will lie completely on their shoulders."
Here's a clear statement of intent. The Russian navy, with a large complement of cruise missiles are moving to liase with their French counterparts. And while Justin is vowing to pull 6 CF-18 jets from the battlefield, Vlad has just upped his contribution from 50 to 87.

See, unlike in Western democracies, Vlad doesn't have to care what people think. And he's the kind of thick-skinned sociopath (former KGB) who really seems to enjoy reaching out and touching people.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a gold-plated pair of vice-grips with Vladdy's name on them at the KGB Hall of Fame. Oh yeah, that sllthery sound you hear is jihadi testicles shrivelling up all over the Arab middle east.

You see Vladimir Putin doesn't play by the rules. He doesn't have to. The FSB doesn't either. If they had a charter (and they really don't) it would go something like...
You have the right to disappear into the farthest reaches of Siberia (and that's as good as it gets, because behind doors 2, 3 and 4 it gets worse).
Unimaginably worse...
You have the right to eat your own severed genitalia.

You have the right to be deprived of oxygen for three minutes at a time.

You have the right to fall down a flight of stairs while cuffed hand & foot.
Remember, this is the guy who killed 130 Russian hostages to get at 50 Chechen terrorists. The media called it "carnage" but Vlad called it a good days work.

And he's an equal-opportunity sort of homicidal maniac...
"By 7am yesterday, 50 of the hostage takers, including their leader Movsar Barayev and 18 women terrorists, were among the dead."
Putin doesn't bluff. Ask Alexander Litvinenko.
"My husband was killed by agents of the Russian state in the first-ever act of nuclear terrorism on the streets of London," Marina Litvinenko said. "This could not have happened without knowledge or consent of Mr. Putin."

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Dear P.M. Care Bear...

You may be confusing the Department of National Defense with the International Red Cross.

Says Trudeau...
“Training is something we do very, very well and that’s something we’re looking to be very helpful to other members of the coalition with to make sure Canada is doing more than its part in the war against ISIS.”
Hmmm... sounds like Justin is letting Stephane Dion write speeches now.

Sure, Justin... maybe we can fetch coffee for the real soldiers.

The primary function of the military is not to conduct seminars. It's to blow shit up and kill people.

We've gone from Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach... to the "Battle of Papineau Run."

Flee, flee... run away!!!


UPDATE: As good as his word...
The Russian air force just pulled off one of the biggest and most complex heavy bomber missions in modern history - sending no fewer than 25 Backfire, Bear, and Blackjack bombers on a coordinated, long-range air raid against alleged ISIS forces in Syria.
Remember, Vlad's just getting warmed up. The military excrement is about to hit the jihadi air-conditioning.

Dear Macleans magazine...

...instead of a cover story glorifying a self-admitted terrorist and murderer, a man who is currently suing Canadians for tens of millions of dollars... might I suggest...

religion of rest in piecesWhat's that... just a little "too real?"

This is why you and the rest of the dead tree media are going bankrupt. The people who want to hear about skateboarding Prime Ministers, the Kardashian sisters or a gentle "redeemed" terrorist have the attention span of a half-starved Jack Russell terrier. Why buy magazine subscriptions when you can get all that Twilight fan-fiction on the internet for free?

So, take your frolicking non-denominational unicorns and your magic "Imagine All the People" fairy dust and pound it up your jihadi-friendly, omni-gendered pleasure portal.

This is the world now.


But, back to Macleans magazine...religion of rest in piecesFor those of you who spent the last month living in a cave in Tora-Bora...

"This week in Maclean’s, Lindhout writes about how this uncommon bond came to be, and how horrific personal tragedies drew these three into a close, unlikely friendship."
Funny, there's not a word about the searing personal tragedy of Tabitha Speer, the widow of the special forces medic Omar Khadr admitted murdering.
"He told the court no one had forced him to change his pleas. When asked if he had killed Speer in 2002, Khadr answered, quietly, "Yes." When asked if it was true that he conspired with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, he also answered "Yes.""
This puff piece in Macleans is precisely the sort of mushy media narrative that helped install Prime Minister Care Bear.

You truly do deserve the type of government you get.


"The 4th estate has become the 5th column"
There it is.

16 November 2015

Fuzzy Bunny and the Jets

Vimy Ridge, Juno Beach or...prime minister care bearThe Battle of Papineau Run?


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The mother of Paris suicide bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam - whose two brothers are also suspects - has said her son "did not mean to kill anyone" and believes he blew himself up because of "stress".
Apparently our "microaggressions" overpowered his "macro-wonderfulness."


LAST WORD: Did ISIS miscalculate?religion of rest in piecesThe anti-Justin candidate.